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Duration: 1 Day


Nepal is the land with lots of opportunities to explore for the adventure lovers. Moto gliding is one of such adventure sports that are widely popular among youngsters. As we know Nepal is located at the beautiful foothills of Himalayas. Moto Gliding in Nepal can give you a lifetime experience for its natural beauty. Many travelers want to experience the thrilling altitude of the Himalayas. Many try to explore the beauty of the mountains on foot. Trekking is one of the most celebrated adventure sports in Nepal. It has been traced that in the year 1896, a German man called Otto Lilienthal made failure attempts in motor gliding. In a recent year with the upcoming of adventure zeal, this sport becomes immensely popular among the adventure seekers. The Himalayas stand out as the land of mystery. Very few are opportune enough to explore such mysticism. This small aircraft will alter your imagination for mountains completely. It will feel like you will be flying across the mountains. Many think the sky as the ultimatum. For those, this ultra-light journey will be a completely new experience. Pokhara is the tourism capital of Nepal for its beautiful landscape. The diversified land with spectacular views of mountains, aquamarine lakes, and green laden villages will make your short flight across the mountains beautiful. As Pokhara is located in the vicinity of the mountains it offers a unique scenic pleasure of mountains and plains. You will feel like exploring nature at heights. You can experience the beauty of solitude by kissing the azure sky.



20-30 minutes


Lauruk-Bamdi-Take off point

Lakeside, Baidam



USD - Per Person

HD quality video and photographs

Tandem Hang Glider Flight

Transportation for both ways communication (To and from Lakeside and flying sight)

Small refreshments

Including all government taxes 


This adventure sport is introduced by Air Sports Activity to capture your adrenaline rush at heights surrounded by beautiful mountains. You will feel the cool breeze of the mountainous air. For taking part in motor gliding it is not necessary for you to have flying skills. You will experience the adventure at heights. Our driver will pick you up from the hotel and drive you to the flying zone across the banks of Phewa Lake. A brief introduction will be given to you on equipment and the way of flying, You will be harnessed to the hang glider and listened to the instructor properly. You may even take the control and fly the hang glider yourself to enjoy the thrill of the mountains.

After flight you will be offered small refreshment and you will also witness the takeoff and landing. You will completely like the unique experience at heights. Our professional photographer will record the actions of yours.


The best season to experience such snowcapped mountains is between October and May. Tourists love to experience it in the months of November, December and January.


7.30 am-1st flight

11.00 am- 2nd flight

Monday-Sunday (7days a week)


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