• Sohil 03 Sep, 2019

    Dear Pooja

    Your team is really efficient and deserves to get appreciated.
    Right from 
    Sunitaji, Babita ji, ur hilsa , Simikot Coordinator’s , Darcheen team , ur cook
    Sherpas...jimmi , Anil , Rajendra ji ..Khemu,
    All were efficient and ready to help in dis difficult climate ..
    The love in form of asking each and every person abt food ..medicine ..
    Hot water ...I cld feel at every stop in all different team members of urs
    No matter if there were Indian, Nepali or Tibetan , Chinese all were of great help ..

    The only part messed up was booking of horses..
    Rest all went very smooth and they really took efforts to
    Make us comfortable in these extreme uncomfortable climate..
    I heard stories of other group where they were just handed over to some other group without any responsible coordinator ..

    Thanks for making this journey most memorable..
    PFA of few pics of our beautiful Yatra ..
    URvi Sohil  

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  • Urvi Shah 02 Sep, 2019


    Dear Sunita,

    Thanks for everything and thanks for taking care of my health...can understand in journey where it’s so difficult to take care of self ..u we’re taking care of 58 members
    With their mood swings all together
     And dat also when it was even urs first time ...
    Thanks again ...and thanks ntp for this wonderful experience ...we will

    Cherish for life Urvi Shah
    It was great journey and with ur support and care it was successful
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  • Nilesh Karwa 02 Sep, 2019


    We are happy to have done the yatra through Nepal Tourism

    Your field team is energetic & service oriented. They made the journey comfortable for all pilgrims.


    Best Regards,

    Nilesh Karwa

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  • Satish Goyal 21 Aug, 2019


    However thanks to each and every staff member of or associated with Nepal Tourism specially sunita mam who took best possible care of all of us. Small glitches here and there in such a big arrangement specifically Kailash Mansarover trip. Finally if every thing ends well that's great.

    We all had wonderful lunch at hilsa. Thanks to babita, sunita and other organising team.


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