• Mr Kaushik Mahadevan 16 Mar, 2019


    "Dear Soumya"

    Had a great time in Nepal

    Thank you for all the help you have rendered to me

    Which made my stay memorable

    Thanks once again

    Best regards.
    Kaushik Mahadevan

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  • Mary Jean Slaton 23 Jan, 2019

    Dear Pooja,
    This is a very belated reply to your November 14, 2018 E mail to me for which I'm very sorry. When I received your E mail I was visiting the U.S. and I didn't return until early December and then things got busy for me here in New Delhi. 
    In your E mail you had asked if my niece, Vanessa, and I had a comfortable tour to Nepal and to please share some of our pictures and feedback with you.
    Our recent trip to Nepal (October 9 to 19, 2018) as planned by you, Pooja, was fantastic! It was very much appreciated that Mr. Sujan met us at the Kathmandu Airport on our arrival. And once we were in Nepal it was wonderful having Babita available to assist us as needed.
    Arjun was the best driver ever! Not only was he an extremely skilled driver. He was also very personable.
    We were very impressed by the genuine kindness and friendliness of the Nepali people in general. We weren't used to seeing so many smiling faces, but it certainly was nice.
    Every hotel at which we stayed had such accommodating and understanding personnel and the breakfasts and dinners were delicious. We never walked away from the table even feeling slightly still hungry!
    Now that I've had a chance to view the almost 1,000 photos and videos that Vanessa took during our trip I've gotten a true realization of all that we saw and did. The sightseeing we covered was amazing! And it was at a pace at which we were comfortable. We didn't feel that we were being rushed anywhere.
    It was a special thrill for Vanessa the early morning of her final day in Nepal to have the opportunity to take a flight going over Mount Everest. It was a dream come true for her.
    I've attached to this E mail and to two more E mails that you'll be receiving a total of ten of Vanessa's photos. They show some of the sightseeing highlights when we were in Nepal. I've added captions to them.  
    Best regards.
    Mary Jean Slaton
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  • KN Bansal 28 Nov, 2018

    Om Namah Shivay, 

    We did have a good tour!
    Of course there were problems because of weather, but the delays & situations were appropriately handled by Nepal TourismStaff!
    Mr. KN Bansal and family 
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  • J R Iyer 20 Nov, 2018


    Dear Pooja Madam     

    Thanks For Your Valuable Service For Our Nepal Trip. The Trip Was Good And We Have No Complain. We Like Your Package. We Would Definitely  Recommend To Our Friends And Relatives.                         

    Thanks Regards.


    Mumbai And Bangalore Family Group

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