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Join NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. (Inbound Destination Management units Nepal & India)   travel franchise . When it comes to choosing the perfect home travel business, NTP  Travel Representative, offers the most flexibility, has the tools to allow you to work your travel agency from anywhere in the world, and the mobile technology to manage your travel agency business from the palm of your hands. Now, that’s a home based travel business where anywhere in the world can be called your “office.”


Benefits of Owning a Home Based Travel Business


With NTP, you’ll receive the travel agent training needed to excel your home based travel business towards the top.


We resolve the concerns of your passion for the travel industry and the independence of running your own travel agent business but the burdens of paying rent, finding staff, managing cash flow and negotiating with landlords and other parties make you wonder if it’s worthwhile.


Our Franchises are setup to get agents prepared to run their own travel agency business, whether part time, or full time. We provide queries & regional credibility as an assigned deputy of the corporate command . You’ll also gain access to your own travel agency website, mobile application, and online proprietary tools for researching and booking multiple components of travel.


NTP Business Managers can offer you a low risk, high return solution so that you can do what you love doing, but without the stress and many of the costs that come along with owning an agency as a home-based travel agent. Being a work from home travel agent doesn’t mean you should lose any of the credibility associated with a shop front or walk-in office.


With NTP Business Managers you can:


  • Save on rent
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Reduce your compliance costs
  • Eliminate the cost of finding and employing staff
  • Eliminate the distraction of managing staff, preparing rosters and covering for vacation and sickness etc
  • Prove the proposition that 20% of your clients generate 80% of your profit is correct
  • All business will have clear business margins and target based work outs


If you currently have employees and wish to bring them on board with you – you can!  The NTP Business comprehensive employee model and practiced and smooth transition service means your clients will never be affected.


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