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Top Adventure Activities in Nepal

Top Adventure Activities in Nepal


Nepal is a Himalayan region, home to some of the world’s tallest peaks. Every year, millions of tourists come to Nepal for trekking its mountainous trails. Amongst these are also trained mountaineers who aspire to reach the tallest mountains.

However, there is so much more to Nepal than just the hiking and trekking. You can do tons of other adventure activities that will make your experience in the country an enjoyable one.

So, if you are planning to visit Nepal soon, then read this article to know about all the top adventure activities you can do there!

White Water River Rafting

Surrounded by rivers and mountains, Nepal is a hub for water sports. If you Want To Do River Rafting In Nepal, then you can check out gushing Sun Kosi river to get the ultimate experience and adrenaline rush. The grade V rapids and journeying through the amazing mountain villages, this will definitely one of the most well-rounded experiences you will have in Nepal.

Rock Climbing

Hattiban is a beautiful and offbeat village near Kathmandu valley that offers plenty of rock climbing opportunities. You will be required to hike for up to 30 minutes into a beautiful forest to access the climbing site. Once you get there, you will be able to find intermediate to advanced single-pitch climbing routes that have already been bolted into the limestone cliff of Hattiban. There are both beginner level as well as advanced level routes with slight overhangs to make it more challenging.

Jungle safari

Chitwan National Park in Nepal is popular for a jungle safari. The park covers Shivalik Range and is surrounded by deciduous forest on all sides. Chitwan Jungle safari will not only take you inside the thick of forest but also include a nature walk, bird watching, boating, canoeing, elephant bathing, sunset views etc.

Bungee Jumping

How does the idea of dropping from 160-meters sound to you? If you feel weak in the knees but still feel a rush of excitement, then this is the experience for you! Known to be the world’s third highest bungee jumping spot, you must try this adventure. It is not for the faint hearted so be prepared to plunge into a deep abyss and overcome your fear of heights. It will most certainly be the best thing you would ever do!


Pokhara is one of the best spots for tandem paragliding in the world. Besides, this beautiful city is surrounded by Annapurna range that gives you plenty of hiking opportunities too. But if you are here for paragliding, then you will not be disappointed. Enjoy the experience of floating above the clouds as you get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful village below.

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are tons of other activities that will keep you adrenaline pumping throughout your trip. But this is definitely a good starting point if you want to experience raw
adventure in Nepal.

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