6 Days Nepal Tour Package & Visit : Kathmandu, Pokhara

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5 Nights and 6 Days

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Duration: 05 Nights and 06 Days

Location Visit : Kathmandu – Pokhara


Basic Guidelines before you book Nepal Tour Packages


Best Time to Visit Nepal: September, October, November and December (cooler), March, April, May and June (warmer)


Nepal Visa:


Indian Passport holders does not require Nepal Visa but they must carry either passport or Voters ID. For Foreigners - they can get Nepal Visa upon arrival at Airport or apply online to avoid long queue.


Tour Overview


Day 1: Arrival

Day 2: Kathmandu sightseeing

Day 3: Kathmandu to Pokhara drive

Day 4: Pokhara sightseeing

Day 5: Pokhara to Kathmandu drive

Day 6: Departure


Everyone wants a break free life from their busy schedule. If you want to escape in the snow Cladded Mountains of Himalayas, then Nepal is an ideal option to explore your holidays. Many tourists from India think it is an expanded form of Indian landscape. So the travelers avoid traveling to such land where Hindi is spoken normally. But this South East Asian country is a mecca for foreign explorers. The moment you will step into this amazing land you will feel the warm bustling around you. The culture, language, history will make you awestruck with the land. Even after the catastrophic disaster back in 2015, this country has evolved its beauty again to showcase its tourism sector in front of the world. Till 2008, the monarchy was there in Nepal. Every country wants to develop itself by absorbing better infrastructure. According to U.N, it is one of the least developing countries due to its 80%rural coverage. This country has more than 30 ethnic tribal groups. You will be completely accessing the varied linguistics, culture and the religions of the country. With such a wide range of local and ethnic life, you will be exploring the mixed bag of experience. You can enjoy the mysticism in the air where nature unfolds its miraculous aspects to the explorers. Tourists always travel to this land for the search of spirituality but the beauty of nature has been a constant force of allurement for the tourists. You will not regret traveling to this beautiful land. The enthralling landscapes of Nepal have always amused the vacationers for ages. As compared to other exotic locations, you do not have to think much about the travel expense. It is a land where you can go for a budget trip to accumulate experiences. You can also go for a trip lavishly for enjoying the exotic locations on the top of the world. When a traveler visits an alien land, a question of safety has always been playing in the back of the minds. Nepal is a country where the tourists are welcomed wholeheartedly. Like other big cities, you can stroll around without any fear in your heart. It is a land shows a complete blend of rural and urban culture, plain land and mountainous terrains, pilgrimage and adventurous trekking. You can easily feel the warmth of love from your hosts. Crime will not be an issue to think about while traveling to this beautiful land.


Tour Itinerary


Day 1: Arrival


Meal: Breakfast

Altitude: 1400m

Distance: around the city (20 minutes hardly)

Mode of transport: Private car


After arrival at the capital city of Kathmandu, you will be picked up by our esteemed drivers from the Tribhuvan International Airport to drop at the respective hotels. You will be welcomed warm-heartedly with welcome drinks and our representatives will brief you the tour itinerary. While traveling to any country or state we are always eager to visit the capital city. With the heart full of such excitement if you travel to Kathmandu, you will not be disappointed. The city has shown its own charm to the travelers. After small interaction and briefing, one can stroll around the city. The urban sprawling of this exotic land will be a positive influence on you. If you want you can roam along the streets of Thamel.


After coming back to the hotel, you will be treated with the exquisite Nepalese cuisine in the hotel.


Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing


Meal: Breakfast

Distance: Around the city

Mode of transport: bus coach


After taking breakfast, you will be going for the guided tour of the capital city. The travelers who love to study historical facts will definitely enjoy the city of Kathmandu due to its highest number of world heritage sites.


Kathmandu is well known among the tourists for its historical relics. If you spend a few hours a day, then you will explore a few sites dated back from primitive times. It has a total of seven world’s heritage sites as listed by UNESCO. It is a city where you will find pilgrimage sites of different religious values as well.


You will be going for the darshan of Pashupatinath. This place holds a view of religious and spiritual values. You will encounter different hermits practicing penance in the holy shrine. The cremations are also carried out in the holy river of Bagmati. Unless the Hindus, no one is allowed to visit the temple premise. Pashupatinath is the national deity of the country and it comes under the list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites list. On MahaShivaratri, more than 1 million devotees visit the sacred temple of Pashupatinath. PrachandaDev from Lichchavi dynasty built this temple in the 5th century. In the temple complex, you will find other temples, ashrams, and monuments as well. You will stay overnight at the hotel.


After this, you will be visiting Patan. You will be followed the visit with Lalitpur, the second largest town located in the valley on the shore of the River Bagmati. You will encounter beautiful ancient architectural masterpieces in the city. Next, you will be visiting the Durbar square. It is mostly the square of temple squad located in the central part of the capital city. In the city, you will find the refugee center of Tibetan community. Here, you will find out the cultural practice of the Tibetan people as well. You will find the carpet industry is the main resources of income for these Tibetan communities. You can also buy beautiful carpets from these local shops. Next, you will be visiting Swayambhunath stupa which is ornamented with beautiful prayer flags. You will see a beautiful overview of the capital city from the top of the stupa. This place is equally visited by both the Hindus and the Buddhists.


Day 3: Kathmandu to Pokhara


Meal: Breakfast

Altitude: 1400m

Distance: Kathmandu-Pokhara: 205km(6hours) ; Pokhara-Manakamana temple:120km (4hours)

Mode of transport: bus coach


After enjoying Nepalese delicacies at your hotel, you will be driving to Pokhara today. It will take around 6 hours from Kathmandu to reach Pokhara. If you are traveling to Nepal, then Pokhara should always be there in your bucket list. One will breathe the fresh air of the valley in this beautiful land of Pokhara. It is known among the trekkers as the gateway of entering Annapurna range. The spellbound beauty of Pokhara influences thousands of backpackers every year to enjoy serenity completely secluded from the hustles of life.


On the way to drive, you will take a halt to visit the famous Manakamana temple. This temple is quite popular among the Hindu pilgrims. The spiritual land of Manakamana is believed to fulfill every wish of the pilgrims. This temple shrine is located at the center of Nepal; therefore the pilgrims from any corner of the country can travel to seek blessings from the goddess. It is believed that the devotees from Nepal and India travel to this beautiful religious place once in a lifetime. The traveler love to visit this place to get the beautiful sight of Trishuli River as well. You will find out wide highways constructed along the river joining the remote area like Manakama temple with different corners of Nepal.


The temple is located in the district of Gorkha. In Nepali dialect it means bravery. The temple is located at the top where Kurintar is located underneath. The pilgrims have to board cable cars from here to reach the temple. Due to remote locations, the pilgrims have to take these cable cars to seek the blessings from the temple. Earlier it was quite difficult for the pilgrims to reach the top of the temple. The cable car is introduced to cover a total distance of 104km. If you have a serious issue of vertigo, before taking the cable car you should know the altitude of running cable car (258m) and the temple (1302m). From the top of Manakamana temple, the tourists can get the panoramic view of distant mountains like Annapurna, Himalchuli, and Manaslu.


After visiting the temple, you will be driving back to Pokhara for an overnight stay.


Day 4: Pokhara Sightseeing


Meal: Breakfast

Distance: Around the city

Mode of transport: bus coach


While traveling to this beautiful country, you will be awestruck with the intact beauty of the neighborhood. Very few South East Asian countries can give you such visual pleasure. Start your day with a beautiful drive across the exotic landscape to reach Sarangkot. With every single day, you will be flabbergasted with the fabulous view of Pokhara. You will feel yourself close to the lap of nature. While backpacking, the travelers start romanticizing nature. This location will give you every opportunity to relish the beauty.


Sunrise and mountains always share a soulful relation. You will get a picturesque canvas in front of your sight in Sarangkot. When the first rays of morning sun will fall on your face, you will internalize the famous view of the rising sun in the mountains. It will be a breathtaking moment for every traveler when the sunrise behind the snow-clad mountains of Himalayas. After enjoying such a memorable sight, you will be driving back to the hotel.


After taking breakfast, today you will be going for sightseeing around Pokhara. You will be visiting Bindebasini temple at first. It is one of the earliest temples located in the city of Pokhara. Kaski rulers built this temple. Goddess Durga is the prime deity of the temple. You will get a complete view of the Himalayas as well from this region. In the area of the local bazaar, you will find out the temple. With the visit to the temple, you will be visiting the old bazar premises as well. You will also go for visiting a waterfall called PataleChongo, located around 2kms away in the southwest direction of Pokhara. In the summers and monsoons, you will get the view of the gushing water falling from the waterfall. Next, you will be visiting the Gupteshwar cave, located just on the opposite side of the fall. If you are an ardent lover of architecture, then you will find this cave fascinating due to its natural forms made out of the deposits of limestone. You cannot take photographs in the premises of the caves. You will stay overnight at the hotel.


Day 5: Pokhara to Kathmandu (extra costs for optional tours)


Meal: Breakfast

Mode of transport: bus coach


After taking breakfast, you will drive back to the capital city of Kathmandu.


If you are traveling to Pokhara, then you must try adventure sports in the valley. You can go for early morning paragliding and ultra-light flight package. You will be getting an amazing scenic beauty of the Annapurna Mountains. Such an experience you cannot express through words. The surrounding view will give you an awe-inspiring experience.


If you are into the thrilling experience of adventure, then you must go for bungee jumping and zip flying. The moment when you will fall high from the heights, you can easily feel the zero gravity of your body.


Day 6: Departure


Meal: Breakfast

Mode of transport: Private car


We aim in making the best travel memories for you in your short traveling to Nepal. We always focus on introducing travelers with the best kind of experience in the foreign land. Even on the final day, we want to extend such kind of warm hosting as well. Our driver will drop you at the airport for your homebound flight. We ensure that you carry a casket of memories for your entire life.




While traveling to an alien land, the travelers are always inquisitive in treating the taste buds well. In terms of Nepalese delicacies, one will find out a complete blend of Tibetan cuisine and Indian cuisine at the same time. Are you a foodie? Then exotic land can offer you to try distinctive dishes. In terms of cuisine, you will find remarkable flavor. Like Indian dishes, you can try rice, curries, lentil soup as one of the major staple foods. Momos are also famous among the tourists in the streets of Nepal. Whether it is veg or non-veg, you can actually treat your taste buds with the authentic Tibetan cuisine. You can also enjoy Newari cuisine in the valley of Kathmandu. If you are into culinary studies, then you will definitely explore different dishes of ethnic groups. Aloo and Bara are quite famous among the locals. Yomari is also another quite celebrated dish mostly made during Newar festival called YomariPunhi. This festival occurs during the months at the completion of the rice harvest. Yomari is a sweet dish in a form of bun with infused coconut, sesame seeds, and molasses. You can also try falafels in the busy streets of Thamel. The ravishing smell of the street stalls of Thamel will engage you in having a mouthful of these Doner Kebabs.




Unlike other exotic location, you will never experience a huge financial burden while traveling to Nepal. When tourists travel to foreign lands, they always want to bring small gifts as memoirs for a lifetime. If you are a shopaholic then you can enjoy the shopping spree in the busiest streets of Nepal. Among popular gift items, Thangka paintings are believed to be the most common one. These paintings show a blend of symbols from both Buddhism and Hinduism. These embroidered hand painted craft on textile surely shows the mastery of the weavers. For the purpose of painting, it won’t cost you more than INR 1000.


Another gift item that can give you the emotion of Nepalese culture is the rice paper items. These creative handicrafts are made of rice husk. In primitive days, these papers were used for paintings or manuscripts in the royal family. With the passage of time, it is now used for diary paper. The craftsman works tediously to create art out of rice husk. These items are quite popular among the tourists to provide the perfect gift for family members. You will not spend more than INR 300 to bring back memories from Nepal.


The enriched cultural life of Nepal always attracts tourists. So another innovative item is the masks and statues made in the form of mythical figurines. During festivals, the Nepalese locals wear these masks and celebrate cultural nights. While traveling to Nepal, this kind of mask is a must try. The starting price of these masks is around INR 500. Apart from this, if you are a connoisseur of traditional jewelry collection then Nepal is the prime hub for you to explore those pieces of jewelry. The beautiful handicraft items with fabulous designs can be worn as neckpiece or handpiece jewelry. With the similar alloy, the craftsman makes utensils used by Newari tribe. Accompanying your jewelry style, you can also make your wardrobe fashionable by buying stylish hemp bags. These spacious bags will add a boho flavor to your dressing sense. If you love to carry elegant bags then these hemp bags will definitely come to your bucket list. Your intense love to collect all these authentic objects all across the world will make these items as décor in the corner of your living room. As compared to other gift items, these handicraft items are quite expensive. The starting cost of such items is around INR 3000. 




  • 03 nights’ accommodation in Kathmandu with Breakfast and dinner
  • 02 nights’ accommodation in Pokhara with Breakfast and dinner
  • 02 international airport transfers by a non-A/c vehicle
  • Sightseeing as per the itinerary in Kathmandu and Pokhara by a non-A/c vehicle exclusively
  • Transportation Kathmandu / Pokhara / Kathmandu by deluxe coach exclusively
  • Presently applicable 24.3% Hotel Taxes (13% VAT and 10% Service charge).




  • Entry ticket to the monuments, guide, meals, laundry, telephone, porters, tips, GST 5% and extras not mentioned as inclusions



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