Oxygen Level at Kailash Mansarovar

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Mansarovar Yatra


Mount Kailash is one of the most revered shrines in Hinduism. Pilgrims undertake an arduous Kailash Mansarovar yatra to reach the sacred destination. Being situated at an altitude of 6,638m, the pilgrims face various hardships including low oxygen. The mount is situated in Tibet and the pilgrims have to cover a long distance through tough hilly terrain. To overcome the effects of low oxygen as well as to rejuvenate yourself, OXY99 portable oxygen cans offer you an effective remedy.


High altitude and OXY99 portable oxygen cans


As you move up from the sea level, there is continuous drop in oxygen level. On the Kailash Masarover yatra, you would have to make do with the low oxygen level. However, you can overcome the negative effects of low oxygen by using Kalaish Mansarovar yatra oxygen. Trekking through the hilly terrain is difficult in the face of low oxygen level. OXY99 portable oxygen cylinder would equip you to deal with the situation. And, it will protect you from acute mountain sickness.


Typical symptoms of mountain sickness include:


·  Nausea

·  Fatigue

·  Drunken gait

·  Disorientation

·  puffy face and hands

·  Breathlessness

·  Unrelenting headache

·  Sleeplessness


There is no denying the fact that on the Kailash Mansarovar yatra, OXY99 oxygen can is the ideal tool for overcome the disorienting effects of high altitude. It is the best go-to remedy when you do not have time for acclimatization. It is reported that 1 million people suffer from mountain sickness. Kailash Mansarover oxygen provides you with an effective resource against the mountain sickness. Keep the oxygen cans handy with you.


Advantages of using OXY99 oxygen cans Vs oxygen cylinders.


OXY99 oxygen cans are lightweight and easy to carry as they weigh around 100grams whereas the bulky oxygen cylinder weigh around 20-50kg and are difficult to carry around.


Comparision with bulky Oxygen Cylinders:



Portable OXY99 CAN

Bulky Oxygen cylinder


Very light weight(100gms)

Very bulky heavy(20-50Kgs)




Mobility /handy

Very mobile

Not mobile


Can keep anywhere


Additional uses of oxy99 in medical


Asthma & COPD


Respiratory Infections

Recovery from low OXYGEN levels




Senior Citizens

Heart Conditions



Specification of OXY99 Kailash Mansarovar yatra oxygen cans


Purity of Oxygen


Net volume of container

500 ml

Gas content

6.0 liters

LIGHT Weight



Using oXY99 helicopter yatra oxygen has numerous benefits detailed below:


Benefits of using OXY99 AT High Altitude


1. Instant energy OXY99 helicopter yatra oxygen provides your body with the extra high quality oxygen which you can inhale during the pilgrimage to get instant energy. One requires revitalization of energy to function at your optimum level. It will drive away fatigue, loss of energy and mental listlessness.


2. Brain performance at its best Human brain makes only 2% of the body mass but it needs 25% of the oxygen available in the body. In case the oxygen supply to the oxygen decreases, the quality of brain functioning suffers. Our helicopter yatra oxygen offers the required level of oxygen supply to the brain to enable it to work at its best level. After inhaling from the oxygen yatra oxygen, you will be able to sharpen the functioning of your brain.


3. Peak physical performance OXY99 helicopter yatra oxygen provides you with extra oxygen supplying your body with extra oxygen that assists in producing extra energy and heat in your body. With increased energy available to your body, you can easily deliver peak physical performance.


4. Strengthen Immune system Having sufficient oxygen level in your blood ensures that your body will be well-defended against diseases and germs. Living in polluted and over-crowded cities, we are not able to get adequate supply of oxygen to fight against diseases. OXY99 helicopter yatra oxygen is the ideal solution for getting the extra oxygen for strengthening immune system.


5. Chronic fatigue, stress and depression If your body is not getting adequate level of oxygen, it will result in chronic fatigue, stress and depression as well. OXY99 helicopter yatra oxygen supplies to your body with enough oxygen to drive away fatigue, stress and depression. With adequate oxygen available in your body, you would have the energy to accomplish all your tasks with passion and zest.


How OXY99 oxygen can works?


Upon breathing from the OXY99 portable oxygen cans, oxygen level in the blood stream increases.

·  Restores body and brain functions to normal

·  Promotes cellular rejuvenation

·  Stimulates muscle grow growth

·  Improves immunity

·  Strengthens stamina and health

OXY99 helicopter yatra oxygen generates surplus energy in the body to overcome the negative effects of high altitude pilgrimage sites.


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