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Duration - 1 Day


Pokhara Ultra Flight


In Nepal, adventure sports give opportunities to discover the magical ambiance of Himalayas. This adventure sport will completely take you to the proximity of the mountains to give you an exposure to the beauty of nature. The adventure seekers love to take ultra-light flights to fly across the clouds. Every adventure lover wants to explore the beauty of nature closely. Nepal is a land that offers such beautiful diversified landscapes to explore. Mostly all these adventure sports start from Pokhara valley. It is the tourism capital of the country. This ultra-light flight gives a bird’s eye view of the mystic Pokhara valley. It is the land from you will get an amazing view of the surrounding mountains. Trekkers use this path for Annapurna circuit. The enticing view of the valley will make your journey completely spectacular. In these ultra-light flights, one can explore the natural beauty of the valley. The natural beauty will give the tourists an opportunity to taste the zeal of adventure at such height. The serenity of the valley and the excitement of altitude will give your journey a completely new turn. Mostly the adventure lovers travel to this place for catching a bird’s eye view of the scenic beauty of the valley. The wide green forests, presence of aquamarine lakes, mighty rivers and the small settlement of villages on the valley will be the eye candy for you from the height. You will get a feeling of soaring high in the sky, flying across the hills and the pleasant views of the surrounding ambiance. This flight will take you deep into the heart of nature.




From 6.30am till 3.30pm (Sunrise and Sunset views)


Pokhara lakeside

(One can avail the service from Pokhara Airport Only)

Tour Itinerary

Mostly the tourists want to get a completely beautiful view of Pokhara valley. The adventure seekers take this ultra-light flight for exploring the beauty of the mountains. It is an open aircraft with a seating arrangement for 2 people. Due to its powerful engine structure, these aircrafts can take the adventure seekers very close to the mountains. Due to the ability to cherish the height, the tourists love to fly high on these small machines. Apart from trekking, the foreign nationals love to take the view of the mountains very closely. Pokhara is called the gateways to some of the beautiful peaks of the world. Due to such amazing landscape, the foreign tourists love to explore it deeply. The scenic beauty of the mountains remains deep into the minds of the travelers. In the year 1997, the ultra-light flight was first introduced to such beautiful landscape. In South east Asia it was introduced for the first time. Pokhara is famous for its unique combination of diversified landscapes. The famous lakes, plateau, mountains and rivers will make this place completely perfect for the tourists to explore.

Mostly the flights are scheduled from sunrise till 11am and in the afternoon from 3pm onwards till sunset.

Fly for fun: (Open aircraft only)

Duration: 15 minutes

Price cost- USD 95 + USD 5 (Airport Tax) + 13% VAT (for foreigners)


Price cost for Nepali nationality

 INR 7500+INR 200

For photo and video one has to pay INR 1000 (for both Nepali and foreign national)

Location covered in Fly For Fun

Sarangkot, Phewa Lake, Peace Stupa, Power House, Seti River and other places located in Pokhara valley

Glory of Mt. Fishtail

Duration: 30minutes

Price cost: USD 170+USD 5+ 13% VAT (Fore foreigners)

Price Cost: Nepali nationality

INR 13500+INR 200 (Airport taxes)

For photo and video INR 1000 (for both foreigner and Nepali national)

Location covered in Fishtail flight

Mt. Fishtail, foothills, Naudanda Hills, Sarangkot circle and many other places

Mountain sky trek (Open and closed aircraft)

Duration: 1hour

Price cost: USD 270+ USD 5(Airport Tax) + 13% VAT (for foreigners)

Price Cost: Nepali nationality

INR 23,500+ INR 200 (Airport Tax)

For photo and video INR 1000 (for both foreigner and Nepali national)

Location covered in mountain sky trek

Panoramic view of Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Fishtail foothills and many other places

In heart of Himalaya (closed aircraft only)

Duration: 90minutes

Price Cost: USD 390+ USD 5 (Airport Tax) +13% VAT (For foreigners)

Price cost: For Nepali Nationality

INR 31,000+ INR 200 (Airport taxes)

For Photo and video INR 1000 (for both foreigners and Nepali)

Location covered in Heart of Himalaya

Flying inside the Annapurna circle and from Manaslu to Mt. Dhaulagiri range


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