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Casinos in Nepal

Nepal is the country where people like to live simple life, they start their work with the first ray of sun and ends up with last ray of the sun. Simple living doesn’t mean that there is no nightlife or entertainment in the country. There are many places in the country which provide you entertainment and enjoyable night where you can release all stress of the day.

Kathmandu has a city law which means the music has to put off by 10 pm and people should be on the way of their home. In this strict law also one can enjoy the night at casino. Nepal is one of the good tourist destination, some people visit to Nepal only to check their good luck at casino.

In total Kathmandu city has 6 casinos in their top ranking hotels. These hotels provide 24 hours casino facility.  In these casino tourist can enjoy different games like black jack, baccarat, poker, flush, roulette, pontoon and many other slot machines and card games. To play all these games chips required which tourist can purchase either with Indian Rupees or U.S. dollars. If tourist will put few more money on the table then he can enjoy dance floor in disco light and free meal. Facility of casino is for tourists only as Nepali’s are forbidden from entering in casinos.

All casinos are present in 5 star hotels of Kathmandu. Name of casinos that are present in Kathmandu are:

Casino Everest
Location: Located in Hotel Everest
Games Available: Mini Flush, Roulette, Paplu, Blackjack, Baccarat, Pontoon, Video Machines or Jackpot Slots.

Casino Anna 
Location: Located in Hotel de l’Annpurna. Maximum number of jackpot winners from this casino.
Games Available: Live table games like Blackjack, Roulette, Pontoon, Baccarat, Paplu, Mini Flush, Video Machines or Jackpot Slots.

Casino Nepal
Location: Located in Hotel Soaltee Holiday Inn Crown Plaza.
Games Available: Mini Flush, Roulette, Paplu, Blackjack, Baccarat, Pontoon, Video Machines or Jackpot Slots.

Casino Tara
Location: Located in Hotel Regency
Games Available: Live table games like Blackjack, Roulette, Pontoon, Baccarat, Paplu, Mini Flush, Video Machines or Jackpot Slots.

Casino Royale
Location: Located in Hotel Yak and Yeti
Games Available: Live table games like Blackjack, Roulette, Pontoon, Baccarat, Paplu, Mini Flush, Video Machines or Jackpot Slots.

Casino Rad
Location: Located in Hotel Radisson.
Games Available: Live table games like Blackjack, Roulette, Pontoon, Baccarat, Paplu, Mini Flush, Video Machines or Jackpot Slots.

Games Played in Casino
Blackjack Game
This is the mostly playing game in casino. This game is also famous with the name of Twenty One. In this game players does not competing against each other by against the dealer. The motto is to reach up to 21 points or to score higher than dealer without exceeding 21.

This is the game that played on a wheel with numbers on it. Player needs to place a bet on a wheel of numbers. For betting player can choose either a sequence of number or a single number, black or red color of a number or also choose whether the number is even or odd. To get the winning color of number, wheel with ball spin in one direction and wheel with number spins in opposite direction, due to the spinning of wheels balls loses its momentum and falls on one of the number.

It is a card game that played just like a Blackjack game. The object of this game is to receiving more face value of cards in totaling than banker but the totaling should not exceed 21 otherwise the player will lose the game.

This is also a card game and one of the favorite games of gamblers. There are two hands in this game the banker and the player, in this comparing of cards takes place and gives 3 possible results “banker” in which banker has high score, “player” in which player has high score and “tie” both have same scores.

Another famous name of Paplu is Indian Rummy, this is also a card game. In this game player try to convert his cards in sets and runs. Set is the trio of three cards of same rank but different suit. Run is the sequence of consecutive numbers cards of same suit.

Mini Flush
This is also card game which is played against dealer. In this game dealer provides many options to win the game.
Nepal is the country of entertainment also, it not necessary always you have to goo trekking or rafting to entertain yourself. There are other materials also available for entertainment. Some of entertainment listed below.

Culture show: This show hosts in almost each and every hotel and restaurants in which music, local dance, costumes and songs are presented by artists.
Festival Restaurant and Bar at Lazimpat hosts a Folk and Classical dance with the name The Himalchuli Cultural Group. Newari and Nepali cuisine is specialty of this restaurant. There are other restaurants available in Pokhra also that host dance show at night.

Dancing, Local bands and the bars scene are other means of entertainment at night in Pokhra and Kathmandu. Discos are popular for enjoy dancing, in Kathmandu near Thamel there are many bars and each are unique in their own style.

Opposite to Pilgrims books there is Tom and Jerry Pub where tourists can enjoy pool. Near to the pub there is New Orleans Café which is popular for its food quality. Then there is Jump Club which is a bar and one will also enjoy dance on DJ.
Another club is Tunnel club which is on top floor, this club open late hours and also having very loud music. Opposite to Tunnel club there is Sam’s Bar, this bar opens after 5pm and is popular for its good music.

Rum Doodle Restaurant and Bar is one of the famous bar, this is also meeting point of mountaineering expeditions and if the mountaineer conquer the Mt Everest first then he can eat here free of cost for life time. One of the tourist favorite pubs is Pub Maya which is associated with Maya Cocktail Bar. Near to the Thamel chowk there is Underground Bar, here the music is little loud. Paddy Foley’s Irish Bar is a popular place, this is near to the Yin Yang Restaurant.   

The Moon Sun Disco is located at Heritage Plaza in Kamaladi and Club X Zone Disco near to Durbar Marg open late night. Like in any other city movies is also another entertainment for Nepal. There are theaters in Nepal that play bollywood Hindi movies and they also play English movies in theater after 6 months of releasing the movie. Few restaurants also play movie that Tourist can enjoy while dinner. Name of the movie that will going to play in the restaurant written on pavement’s chalkboard.

Different types of games in Nepalese Casino

Baccarat [pronounced bha - ca - rah] is simple to master and easy to play but still regarded as the most glamorous, action filled and sophisticated game. It has in times emerged as a high betting game and the baccarat area in a casino is oftencalled high - limit area. Contrary to what many people think, baccarat is simple to learn.

There is no special strategy, card counting or difficult betting systems involved in playing baccarat. This game is played with six decks of card. (i. e. 6 x 52). Two hands are dealt in Baccarat. One hand is called banker and the other is called player. The player's objective is to get a hand that is closer to nine in value then the bankers.

If your favourite game is the slot machine, just remember there are no systems to guarantee that you will win. This is a game of pure chance and the odds are set against you. This is standard practice in any casino or they wouldn’t be there. If you are interested in the technical aspect: the computer chip that governs slot machine play is programmed to give the casino a profit. Obviously.

Here are a few tips to help you better your chances of winning. First, you need to check out the machines and make a note of which of them appear to be programmed to return a higher percentage of money back to the players. The other important point is to manage your money well. A slot expert will advise you to always play the maximum number of coins on each spin. That means if you're playing a 2-coin machine, drop in two coins each time. If you're playing a 3-coin machine, drop in three coins each time. There are also 5-coin machines in some casinos. However cold machines can wipe out your bankroll quite rapidly if you’re not careful.

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